Pharma Logistics Zone

Vernbro global investment is proud to work with El Motahda pharmaceutical, one of the leading pharmaceutical company in Egypt to improve and implement the high standard of pharmaceutical logistic for all Egyptian citizen .



pharmaceutical logistics has emerged as an important element in the pharmaceutical industry as it becomes a greater percentage of total costs and officiant of medication. Significance of pharmaceutical need to study issues and challenges to meet customer service improvement and efficiency with cost reduction . To elevate and control efficiency of the medicine, it is highly crucial as it is time sensitive Excellent supply logistic chain management can yield up to 25 percent reduction in total supply in inventory holding and improvements in order fulfillment cycle time. Excellent well managed pharmaceutical logistics, managing perisable, products, degrading of the medicines as they move along the supply chain, which results in allowing substandard products to be descended to the patient maintaining temperature control, since manufactures can not have control on pharmaceuticals while Docked to wholesaler.