About The Project

Stemming from an inspirational government initiative which seeks to purpose plots of land owned by the government into large scale, multi-use projects through ambitious investors and master developers, Downtown Delta is under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection. Vernbro Global Investors have been afforded the Right of Use for the land for 75 years.

A real estate development that is nothing short of an edifice, Downtown Delta was ambitiously conceptualised to leapfrog the Egyptian Delta into an international commercial hub. Planned to embody a monument on these industrially fertile lands, this mixed-use masterpiece promises to bountifully surge this nation’s economy and modernise its offerings to surpass some of the world’s most progressive cities.

Downtown Delta is located in the province of Tanta, at the heart of its lush Delta. The project offers the world a new and highly advanced commercial and logistics hub that will revolutionise the entire region’s status and place it at the centre of the world’s attention.

More than 355.000 sq.m

Covering a huge area of more than 355,000 square meters,
of the state among them:
• logistics services
• Automotive
• Retail
• Hospitality
• Social services
Downtown Delta brings much-needed resources to the region. It is scheduled to
cater to the numerous needs of diverse companies that surround it, and is linked to
road arteries that connect the entire Egyptian terrain.


42 Million


Downtown Delta is a regional commercial hub that offers businesses and esidents
of this incredible area an extraordinary opportunity to promote internal trade and boost economic growth. The project will satisfy many of the needs of a 42-million strong population, that currently has limited access to services and products.